Early Cold Detection

EarlieDr is capable of detecting a common cold well before its full onset. Simply stick it onto your mirror and let EarlieDr get to work! The tool passively monitors you for symptoms, alerting you to a possible cold well in advance.No more constant monitoring of your health. The passive nature of EarlieDr allows you to set and forget.

Medical Professional Connection

The minute you have a problem we'll connect you with a medical professional. With antibiotics right around the corner, you will be best prepared to ease the length and severity of your cold. Potentially even preventing the cold symptoms in the first place. Antiviral/antibacterial drugs ease symptoms and shorten illness only if patients are diagnosed within two days of contraction. The longer it takes to realize you have a cold, the less effective the treatment. Don't stress on checking - let EarlieDr do it for you. Let's make the nature of the common cold a thing of the past.


Cold Symptoms Shown in the Face


Days Advanced Detection


Days Shorter Cold Symptoms


Doctors Ready to Speak

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